Youth Camp at an deserted island

Last week I was able to attend a youth camp at a deserted island. I was the only not Japanese person at there. Here is some pictures from the camp.

  To get there, we had to take this old boat.

On this side of the island there was this place, but that was the only other thing except for the camp at the Island.

On our way to the campsite we walked past this beautiful yellow tree.
Here is an overview of the main camp area.
Here it is from a different angle.
A picture of the peaceful beach.
The first night we went nighttime hiking. This is a picture of some of the campers waiting for the rest to get ready.
For lunch the second day we had Japanese style BBQ. It was basically just grilling a bunch of normal and weird stuff. Here they prepare the grill.
This guy was recently a exchange student in New Zealand. That meant he knew english and could be my translator when needed.
Grilling some normal stuff.
And some not so normal stuff. This is ika. A form of squid they use in all kinds of food.
Japanese people love it.
  This fish is called Shishamo. They eat the whole fish, eyes, bones, everything. I tried one. It was actually not too bad.
They told me: “This is oishi (delicious)”
Seafood yakisoba. One of my favourites!
We got pretty nice weather our last day.

Evening at Hat Kobe

A small video I made here in Kobe

Rokko Island and other things

In this post there will be many different pictures from different places and events. The first pictures will be from when i am going to Rokko Island. This is a artificial island just outside of Kobe. On this island there is a Church where I work every other Wednesday and Friday. I also attend it three Sundays a Month.


Nada train station which is the closest train station to where I live


Inside the train station where I “beep” my card


One of the trains I have to take to get there


The next train is The Rokko Liner which is without any driver as you can see.


Outside the train station on Rokko Island

Right outside there is this concert building looking like a giant UFO


On my way home I bought this drink just because of the name


A picture on my way home from Nada Station

These next pictures is from when I attended a birthday party for Hannah Emilie which is the daughter of some of the missionaries here. All the other Norwegian missionaries where invited too.


A overview of some of the park we went to.


These two one year olds are the two kids i´m baby sitting a couple of times a week


Another overview of the park. This place was a paradise for kids!


This slide actually went fast

I also wanted to post this video that I just edited. It is not from Japan. I filmed it right before I left.

Osaka and Hiroshima

The last two weeks there have been a family called Grøtteland on vacation here. Their parents used to work for a norwegian school here in Kobe 15 years ago.  On of the guys in the family called Ole Rassmus and his girlfreind Solbjørg used to go to the same high school as me a couple of years ago. Since I new some of them I decided to join them on two trips. The first one was to Osaka where we went to one of the biggest aquariums in the world and what used to be the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world. The other trip went to Hiroshima. Since everyone have heard of this town I felt like I had to go.


On a crowded train station in Osaka

They have really cool escalators here. Sometimes like on this picture they become flat halfway up before getting normal again


On our way to the aquarium which is the red and blue building.


An otter


A scary looking octopus


Their two whale sharks!


Even seals like Cola
Ole and Solbjørg in front of one of the many tanks.


Some creapy looking giant crabs


The aquarium from the top of the ferris wheel


Osaka at night

Here are some pictures from Hiroshima
This building is one of the few traces left after the atomic bombing.

Me in front of it

Some of the memorial park with the museum in the background

Here you can see three of the most important monuments in one picture
One of the most impacting things in Hiroshima was to se the before and after model of the city. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it. Instead I got a before and after picture of the food we ate that can be an alternative example.


Before. This was some speciality for Hiroshima. Inside there where noodles, some seafood, bacon and other stuff. MHHH!

On their train station they had these mushroom fountains. I wonder if they where inspired by the mushroom cloud after the A-bomb?

Wandering around in Kobe

I have done allot of different things lately. Therefor I also have allot to blog about. I will post some of it today and the rest will be posted later this week.

When I am not working I like to spend my time wandering around in Kobe. Here are some pictures.

This is the view from my room.



There are allot of bikes here in Japan


One of the many shopping streets. This one is a small one.

The city´s gas holders. I am glad I live far away from them!


Here is the famous Kobe tower

Like almost everyone who blogs outside of Norway, I am starting to like Starbucks more and more.

Some random back ally in Kobe
This is the logo of Kobe
In the next post will be about when I went to Osaka with some other Norwegians that are on vacation here.