Youth Camp at an deserted island

Last week I was able to attend a youth camp at a deserted island. I was the only not Japanese person at there. Here is some pictures from the camp.

  To get there, we had to take this old boat.

On this side of the island there was this place, but that was the only other thing except for the camp at the Island.

On our way to the campsite we walked past this beautiful yellow tree.
Here is an overview of the main camp area.
Here it is from a different angle.
A picture of the peaceful beach.
The first night we went nighttime hiking. This is a picture of some of the campers waiting for the rest to get ready.
For lunch the second day we had Japanese style BBQ. It was basically just grilling a bunch of normal and weird stuff. Here they prepare the grill.
This guy was recently a exchange student in New Zealand. That meant he knew english and could be my translator when needed.
Grilling some normal stuff.
And some not so normal stuff. This is ika. A form of squid they use in all kinds of food.
Japanese people love it.
  This fish is called Shishamo. They eat the whole fish, eyes, bones, everything. I tried one. It was actually not too bad.
They told me: “This is oishi (delicious)”
Seafood yakisoba. One of my favourites!
We got pretty nice weather our last day.

Evening at Hat Kobe

A small video I made here in Kobe